Antiques & Collectables

Antiques & Collectables

Antiques & Collectables at sensible prices. Based and born in Norfolk I have over thirty years experience in buying and selling internal Antiques & Collectables for the home. I sell high quality paintings, prints and collectable items spanning from antique to modern, to a large and varied customer base. This includes the antique trade, private clients and interior designers.

I am a private dealer and do not operate from a retail unit.  Accordingly I only have an online presence.  Nevertheless, I am an acknoledged expert in my field and I pride myself in selling quality items that are fairly priced.  So, if you have an interest in any of the items that I have listed and are in doubt as to the condition then I invite you to call me on 07765 513695 and I’ll be pleased to give you a genuine description.   Additionally, I also offer a 14 day money back guarantee, subject to the client returning the item at their own expense in the same condition that it was sold.


Signed Original Antiques

I do make a point in my selection of both Art and Collectables to buy only original and where possible signed works of deceased artists because these are invariably the pieces of work that will increase in value over time.

If possible my Antiques & Collectibles will have a Norfolk connection.  They may be by Norfolk Artists or the art may have a Norfolk theme.

Antiques & Collectables are an investment as well as a thing of beauty and paintings by a named artist may well be sought after.  Signed works of art are often copied as prints but will of course be of far less value and will always be less in value than the actual original itself.  So, look through my portfolio and see what you can find, confident that everything is fairly priced.

Should your goods be broken or damaged in transit, I offer a full money back guarantee. I must be notified within 24 hours of the item being delivered to you with photographic evidence of the damage, for our insurer’s inspection.  See Terms & Conditions

Please feel free to telephone or e-mail me your enquiry.